About Steve Jocks

From a young age I was always interested in business. When I was 11 years old, I started a “mini” golf course called “Bees” Putt-Putt Golf. We had a great time in my parents backyard. As a young kid I was also fascinated with the stock market.

“Easy ways to make money…”

When I turned 19 years of age I purchased my very first share of stock. We all know ticker symbol JPM (JPMorgan) — well needless to say I purchased 100 shares of their stock and made some fast cash.

*** I have alway been a little “geeky” about business marketing stuff ***

Even when I was in the military (23 years old) — I talked with my team leaders and comrades about “real estate” and how to buy a home with “no money” down.

About 6 month before I received my honorable discharge papers, I bought my first rental property. After my Army adventure, I married and had two kids.

Business College was very rewarding…

Before having kids and doing the getting married “thing”, I went to Bryant and Stratton College and yes it’s a business college. When I was going to school I started 3 Internet businesses and still operate them today.

 *** I love helping people who want to follow their dreams! ***

Nothing makes me more excited when I talk to new business owners or Internet marketers. I really love what I do. And I wouldn’t give it up for the world.


Best wishes,

Steve Jocks

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