Steve Jocks Dot Com is generating over 50,000 page views per month from over 20,000 unique visitors. The site is targeted to Internet marketers, affiliates, webmasters, tech minded and business owners.

125×125 Button Sponsorship

The 125×125 image button appears on every web page, under the right hand side search bar. Image button locations are randomized with each web page browser load to give advertisers even exposure. Pricing is $100 per month per image button. Only 2 spots are now available. The button can not be bigger than 15K in size. Animation allowed, please use GIF images.

Direct Linking / Sponsorship

We do offer contextual links within our post content. We will use keywords you would like to target. Each link cost $50 per year and will be kept within our content for the full year.

Visit our “Hire Me” page and contact me directly if you want to advertise on Steve Jocks Dot Com.

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